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About us

David’s Lyra is a group of musician who had a lifechanging experience with God. Since than they we’re never the same and express now their thankfulness through instruments and their voices tot he one who healed, loved and rescued them.

Melody and lyrics are all written by Juliane De-Fehr except of one song of the album „From, through and for HIM“ which we will release 2021.


Juliane De-Fehr | Vocals | Songwriting | Guitar

Juliane started writing songs with 8 years- very soon after she met God and decided to belong to him. A journey started and hasn‘t yet finished. When she was a teenager she understood that this ability was given to her and she wanted to give the songs back to her Fatherand write them for him. But it turned out different then she thought: instead of bringing them together on a CD as she hoped, she went through different painful, cleansing and needed processes. „This were my breakings! I needed them!“, she says.

In this time the Lord taught her something about music and gave her keys through different man und woman of God, through intimate times with him and by walking through different circumstances. „ I always had the choice if I just wand to entertain people, but what God wanted to give was so much more precious!“

2020 the ball started rolling and now she started procuding with other musician what God gave her: music which is full of truth und carries the presence oft he one who filled her life with deep joy, love and peace.

Jeff Owens | Drums

Jeff Owens loved music since he was a little boy and he came from a family who was impacted by music. His father for example also played the drums. Jeff himself never felt like someone who is talented and gifted in music. Because he was always searching for peace, it was lifechanging when he had a radical encounter with Jesus. Only then he started playing the drums und he decided straight away that his playing shall belong to God. He experienced how the presence of God would increase strongly when he played. Quickly he continued learning new things. Now he is already playinf for over 20 years and he loves to use his gift in a way that Godi s revealed and his kingdom is honored.

Friedhelm Mund | Keys | Production

Friedhelm Mund is one of six siblings from a christian family who was impacted by music. Since 2010 he is a full-time musician, music producer and since since 2018 the holder oft he music label töne & töpfer (tones & potter). After he almost went through divorce with his own family with his wife and four children, he could experience how God speaks, saves, restores and heals. Since then he is aligning more and more his musical creation with the kingdom of God.